An E-Commerce Website enables your business to run 24x7 with an opportunity to capitalize the global market virtually. To capitalize on today's explosion of online sales, an e-commerce website requires prominence, organized display, usability, clean design, and intuitive navigation.

At OnKlick Solutions we develop successful e-commerce solutions which are cost-effective, scalable, reliable, and secure delivering quick returns on investments through user-oriented design and functionalities.

  • Our E-Commerce services include:
  • Website design development and deployment
  • Product search capabilities through e-store
  • Secure Online payment gateway
  • Integration with credit card gateways
  • Integration with back-office
  • Hosting
  • Site statistics
  • Other supporting services

Inline with our aim to provide value additions, we offer a range of predefined systems that utilizes our in-house modules to inherit sophisticated functionalities in your sites at cost-effective prices. We ensure reliability of our sites through encryption, secure servers and order processing, and integration with secure payment gateways.

From the creative point of view, our designers cater to the user experience of your e-commerce site to perfectly meet the expectations or aspirations of your target audience.